St Olof

Highly situated beautiful village, nestled in the most wooded area of Österlen. The railway came to the village in 1901 and even today there are trains on the track, but the railway has been a museum railway for many years, a popular tourist attraction that takes passengers on a nostalgic and beautiful trip between St. Olof and Brösarp. There is also the possibility to ride a trolley.

S:t Olof has childcare, school, B&B, one of Österlen's best grocery stores, Byvägen 35, as well as a grocery store, craftsmen of various kinds and a retirement home. The village's well-kept open-air swimming pool, beautifully situated by the stream through the northern part of the village, is now run by the lively sports club S:t Olofs IF, which over the years has had many different activities on its programme in addition to the dominant football. Here, the skilful enthusiast Sten Nilsson guided a couple of national team members in athletics, for example. There are still many activities and a great deal of interest in the fine Kvarnvallen facility, right next to the old Dutch mill.

Village associations, an active scout corps, a leisure centre that will soon become a book café and a whole range of other associations keep life in St Olof going all year round. The surroundings around the village are characterised by mixed forest and small fields, pastures and meadows. Just outside S:t Olof is the highest point in the municipality: Hjulahultsbacken, 185 metres above sea level. S:t Olof also holds the Skåne record for snow depth, 1000 mm in 1942. St Olof's church is a famous place, a Gothic church with many magnificent, ornate altars and altarpieces.

Originally, there were nine altars to the saints, today there are four left: The High Altar, the Trinity, Mary and St Anne's Altars. But the jewel above all others is St Olav's seat with the silver axe: "If a sick person strokes himself nine times with the axe and is strangely healed". To the south of the church is a sacrificial spring where people still throw down a coin for health.

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