Rörum is a peaceful favourite spot. The village street winds almost gracefully through the old village of Rörum, with houses on both sides. The terrain around Rörum is particularly hilly, with two streams running through the village.

Rörum has two schools, one is municipal, the other Sophiaskolan (F-9) whose basic idea is derived from Waldorf education. In one of the old farms north of the church is the other, Fridhem, which is a Waldorf preschool. The settlement in Rörum is mixed. There are larger and smaller farms interspersed with really old half-timbered houses. To the east of the village we find a lot of fruit orchards, including the pattern orchard Orelund, with its popular fruit and delicatessen shop, The Green Shop.

Just south of Orelund is the golf course Lilla Vik and to the west of this another eighteen-hole course, Deep valley. Just outside the village are the TV-famous Mandelmann Gardens, as well as French creperie. Past the church to the east, the road leads to fantastic Rörum beach and The squat houses which is a very popular hiking area.

There are several artists in the village, which is very noticeable in connection with the art round at Easter time. The nearest larger towns with schools and other services are St Olof seven kilometres to the west, Kivik five kilometres to the north and Simrishamn one mile to the south. Bus connections to the north and south are available on Route 9. A bus route also runs westwards via Ö. bucket leaves and Gladsax to Simrishamn.

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