Ramsåsa is located just west of Svampakorset in Tomelilla on the slopes down to the little Trydeån river, which flows into the Fyleån river in Fyledalen. The surroundings are hilly, but also fertile and intensively cultivated. It is only in the south, on the other side of Trydeån, that you see forest, if we disregard the rather atypical spruce plantation on the north side of the village street in the centre of the village.
The name Ramsåsa is believed to come from rafn, meaning raven and the plural form of ridge. As early as 1387 the name Ramsoesa is recorded as a parish name.

After the 1812 land consolidation, not many farms remained in the village, but some of the remaining ones are still active agricultural properties. Most of the houses are located along the village street and date from the late 1800s and early 1900s, which gives the village its old-fashioned character.
Just north of the church, one senses that the settlement was denser. Here are the two former schools and the old pub.

Nowadays, the road goes between Tomelilla and Sjöbo north of Ramsåsa. When the railway Malmö-Simrishamn was built in 1893, the railway tracks were laid along the southern border of Ramåsa.
North of the village is a collection of farms called Lilla Ramsåsa.
Just east of the village is a mill with surrounding buildings, Fåglasång, a very well-preserved environment.

The proximity to the magnificent Fyledalen valley with its exceptional flora and fauna is a great asset for Ramsåsa, as is the proximity to one of Europe's more well-known motor tracks for rallycross and motocross, the Svampabanan, where the very active Tomelilla Motor Club annually organises many competitions, often of European Championship and World Championship status, which attract thousands of spectators. Just south of Svampabanan is the family park Tosselilla Sommarland. I Tryde there is an independent school, a church and the Tingvalla entertainment centre.
Very lively is the amateur revue society Ramslif, which every year puts on usually two village plays based entirely on events from Ramsåsa's long history.
The distance to Tomelilla with services of all kinds, such as travel centres, municipal buildings, schools, retirement homes, Bo Ohlsson's supermarket, etc. are a few kilometres away.

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