What a beautiful idyll. A sign on the coast road, about halfway between Brantevik and Skillinge, points down towards a well-preserved small fishing village, Gislövshammar. The fishing village has about fifteen houses and barns along narrow streets.

The nature is distinctive, largely thanks to the sloping, stepped limestone outcrops that are exposed on the shoreline. These were once used to quarry millstones, a small industry that found customers all over southern Sweden. Even today, you can walk out onto the rocks and clearly see the circular holes. Just southwest of Gislövshammar's protruding headland is a sheltered natural bay, known as "Grandfather's Harbour".

The sea at Gislövshammar is very popular with windsurfers and birdwatchers. The inland surroundings consist of beautiful pastures with interesting flora. Along the coastline between Gislövshammar and Brantevik is a lovely, beautiful walking trail, perhaps one of the most beautiful in Sweden.

The nearest major town is Skillinge half a mile to the southwest, where there are shops, retirement homes, a theatre and a lively business and community life. To Skillinge and northwards towards Brantevik and Simrishamn can be reached on foot or by bicycle via a pedestrian and cycle path with excellent views. There is a bus connection at a stop along the coastal road.

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