Södra Mellby

Close to Kivik and Stenshuvud. The old church village follows the hilly road up to the church. The buildings have a 19th century feel and many of the street houses are old. Many agricultural workers lived here, but also craftsmen and businessmen. Perhaps the most famous business in the village is Mellbybagaren, whose famous caviar has won the Gastronomic Academy's prize. In addition to the bakery, there are about twenty other businesses in Mellby and the surrounding area.

Near the church is Klockargården, now a popular B&B. A crowd-puller is the pizzeria, the farm pub with hotel, Friden, which attracts customers from all over the country with its stone oven-baked pizzas. Mellby atelier is also located here, where Musik i syd (Music in the South) organises classical concerts together with the farm's owners, mainly during the summer. The shops in the KAOS property and Krukmakaregården next to Mellby Stora Väg are also well visited.

The nearest larger town with services such as schools, elderly care, shops, hotels, etc. is Kivik, two kilometres to the north. At motorway 9 there are bus connections both southwards towards Simrishamn as northwards towards Brösarp and Kristianstad. The distance to Simrishamn is just over a kilometre. Byalaget Södra Mellby kyrkby: website www.sodramellby.se






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