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RIKSTOLVAN offers a mix of cutting-edge artists from the region and the international art scene. Here, art and conversation cross the fields between genres and disciplines to jointly open and fill the gap between technology/art/science. The Konsthallen also organizes seminars, workshops, film screenings, audience discussions and literature days, masterclasses throughout the year. The activities are based on three defined areas:

- art based on immersive spaces (VR/AR/MR)
- film and photography
- traditional contemporary art

Bea Tigerhielm

Born in 1978, photographer, gallery owner and exhibition producer. Bea previously ran Galleri Axel on Södermalm in Stockholm, which was a gathering place for contemporary photography. She has also worked as a gallery owner at Fotografiska and at Hotel Tylösand.

Staffan Julén

Born in 1957, he is a film director and conducts artistic research at the Institute for Futures Studies. Staffan has created films such as "Inughuit - the people at the navel of the earth", "Women like you make a man impotent" and most recently "Lyubov: love in Russian", together with Nobel Prize winner in literature Svetlana Alexeiivich.

The rickshaw

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