Kronovalls Wine Castle - Ö

Kronovall Wine Castle

Staying in a castle is something very special, an experience where the wings of history feel close. Whether it's a castle wedding, a conference in Österlen or just a moment of relaxation with loved ones, there is something magical about being surrounded by historic corridors and creaking floors.

At Kronovalls Vinslott we strive to offer a total experience with food, drink and service. Whatever the reason for your visit, we work to create exactly the experience you want, and preferably a little more. We plan, organise and deliver together with you or for you, so that you can enjoy the moment together.

The castle, in its current state from the late 19th century, has an authentic castle feel that we cherish. Its interior and atmosphere are untouched and form an important part of your stay with us. For the genuine castle atmosphere, we have chosen not to build modern bath and toilet facilities in each room. These facilities are instead found in the corridor outside, and for added convenience, bathrobes are provided in the room.

For those who prefer their own bathroom and toilet facilities in their room, we have eight newly renovated rooms in the Park Villas, about 150 metres from the castle. With us, every detail is designed to create a memorable and unique stay at this historic castle. Welcome to Kronovalls Vinslott to experience castle life in its full splendour!

Kronovall Wine Castle

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