People's cinema at Gylleboverket

Folkets Bio - Gylleboverket

Gylleboverket is an artist group and an interdisciplinary platform for contemporary art, culture and permaculture located on a former building recycling site in rural Österlen, Skåne.

Field of work and background:
The artist group Gylleboverket works in different constellations with larger site-specific installations, public designs, rites, film and social sculptures. They hold workshops and lectures both at Gylleboverket and externally at various locations nationally and internationally.

People's cinema at Gylleboverket:
Gylleboverket's Folkets Bio is a non-profit organisation run by its members. Since the summer of 2022, we have two theatres with forty seats in the old cinema and a full 100 seats in the Hangar. Everyone can buy a ticket, and if you also want to get involved as a member, you pay SEK 150 to Folkets Bio and SEK 100 to our association via PG 675030-1 (Gylleboverket Folkets Bio) and contact us at [email protected].

The slurry plant

073-348 02 33
Tornavägen 19
272 97
East Vemmerlöv

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