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Ecotopia in Österlen - Knowledge centre for co-creating a sustainable future Ecotopia is not a training centre or conference facility in the usual sense. Ecotopia is a non-profit knowledge centre for co-creating a sustainable future. Ecotopia values a more self-sufficient and ecological lifestyle. Ecotopia's eco-homes are built with straw, clay, stone, hemp, flax, sheep's wool, larch shavings, etc. Ecotopia's eco-café with its two exhibitions offers vegetarian, vegan and raw food food & coffee. Ecotopia offers its residential guests and course participants free access to the farm with its sustainable solutions. All to inspire conversations, meetings and actions with a focus on sustainability!

Ecotopia - Knowledge Centre

070-333 08 14
Bondrum 1334
273 92
Skåne Tranås

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