Schhh - Vardagsrummet

ELECTRONIC FIKA in the Living Room!

Schhh - Vardagsrummet is a platform for art music and sound art that makes narrow music accessible to a wide audience. By combining avant-garde sound experiments with an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness, we create a unique experience for listeners.

At Vardagsrummet you can discover and explore the best in art music and sound art from around the world. We aim to offer a varied repertoire that includes everything from contemporary classical music to electronic soundscapes and experimental sound installations.

Our aim is to break down the traditional barriers that surround art music and make it accessible to everyone. By holding our events in relaxed settings, such as living rooms and intimate performance spaces, we create a more relaxed and inclusive atmosphere where listeners can explore and enjoy the arts without preconceptions or demands.

We welcome both established artists and young talent, and we aim to foster a dynamic and cohesive artistic community. Our events can include live performances, workshops, talks and exhibitions, where artists and audiences can meet and interact in different ways.

Schhh - The Living Room is the place where narrow music becomes accessible to everyone who is curious and open to new sound experiences. We believe in the power of art to touch and inspire, and we strive to create a platform where art music can flourish and reach out to a wider audience.

Schhh - Vardagsrummet

+46 (0)70 810 98 38
Hoby Prästgårdsväg 1
276 36

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