Kåseberga Café & Bistro

Welcome to Kåseberga harbour for a taste experience in a strikingly beautiful setting by the sea!

In true Kåseberga spirit, we serve fish and seafood according to old traditions, but we also have several innovative dishes on the menu. Our Scanian stone oven baked pizzas are hard to beat with their crispy base and exciting flavours, if you haven't tried them yet, now is the time!

In our café and bakery on the ground floor, you are always greeted by fantastic aromas and beautiful pastries that breathe genuine joy. Our cardamom rolls have become something of a popular favourite in Österlen and have even been mentioned in our White Guide nomination.

We cook and bake with love for both the environment and the ingredients, and we hope you will taste that with every bite. A warm welcome!

Kåseberga Café & Bistro

0411 - 52 72 20
Ales väg 30
271 78

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