Nestled in beautiful deciduous forest, little Snapparp is located in hilly countryside just south of St Olof, east of the road between St Olof and Smedstorp. The village is sparsely populated with older farms and a few houses along the narrow gravel road. Idyll is almost a faint expression.

The natural environment is rich in dry heaths, scrublands, wet meadows, bogs and fens. The forest is very diverse in age. There are many beech trees, but hornbeam is also common in places. Pastures with stone fences are common. Long-legged frogs, lesser spotted woodpeckers and dormice thrive here, and the environment is perfect for mosses and lichens.

The nearest larger town with schools, retirement homes, outdoor swimming pools, bus connections, shops, etc. is St Olof two kilometres to the north. Popular moors for birdwatchers are Gedings bog and the Dead Man's Lot.

Near Snapparp is a large boulder that has long been considered a boundary stone between Gyllebo, Älmhult and Snapparp. It is said to resemble a pile of butter and is called Smörstackastenen.

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