Many people draw an equation between Gyllebo and Ö Vemmerlövbut it is more correct to call the village by the church Ö Vemmerlöv and the houses around Gyllebosjön for Gyllebo.

On an islet in the beautiful bathing and fishing lake Gyllebosjön are the ruins of an old medieval castle and the privately owned castle with its large riding centre. Many people hike in the forests surrounding the lake all year round, and in winter, when the ice is thick, many people fly on steel-shod feet on the lake.

South of the lake and all the way up to the old railway station Gyllebo lake is a popular area with holiday homes, but also here and there year round houses. There is a lot of forest, both deciduous forest and mixed forest north of Ö Vemmerlöv. The old distillery now houses a combined sourdough bakery and gallery.

In and around the village there are a number of viable businesses of various kinds. The nearest major town with services such as schools and shops is Gärsnäs, half a mile to the south-west, but it is close to Simrishamn also, just under a mile. Bus service northwards towards Pipework and eastwards towards Simrishamn is located in the village. The distance to the gourmet restaurant and hotel in Karlaby, Karlaby Kro, is a couple of kilometres.

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