Hasse & Tage Museum Tomelilla

The Hasse & Tage Museum

How much can you fit into 17 square metres? In this case, almost 50 years of production from two very prolific gentlemen. Thirteen monitors spin the immortal films, and in cabinets, drawers and glass cases you'll find props, scripts and a host of other objects that evoke memories of films, revues, sketches and monologues.

Those who are familiar with Hasse & Tage will experience a lot of déjà vu moments, while the "new believers" will have plenty of new aha moments. Even the youngest ones, who may not know the story behind the two gentlemen, will leave the museum with a broad smile on their faces.

If you've already visited us, we can promise you there's something you've missed. The museum is well worth a visit again and again.

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The Hasse & Tage Museum

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