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11 tips for when it rains

What do we do when it rains? Summer rain is a wonderful and refreshing part of summer. It brings relief from the heat, revitalises nature and allows us to relax. Visit an exhibition, a museum, a flea market or why not a shopping trip in one of the many places we have here in Österlen. Here are a few tips. Out in the rain!!!


FABRIKEN - Österlen

1. FABRIKEN Bästekille

Fabriken Bästekille has the great honour of presenting this summer's exhibition with photographer Lars Tunbjörk.

10 June - 15 October

With around 300 images, this will be one of the largest ever exhibitions of this world-famous photographer who changed the way we see forever. The exhibition will feature never-before-seen images from our neighbour Latvia, but also well-known projects such as
"The country outside itself", "Home", "Office" Paris - fashion week" and much more.

2. Hylkegården

Hylkegården Österlen Established 1975. Interior - Design - Trend - Clothes - Antique - Café & Country kitchen with home baked and homemade.
On the coastal road between Brantevik and Skillinge you will find Hylkegården. Here you can enjoy good coffee with homemade cakes, cookies, shrimp sandwiches, savoury pies and much more, all in a genuine old-fashioned environment.

Open every day 11-17
Call for more information 0414-25150.

All in Allo - Österlen

3. Everything in Allo

Allt i Allo is a flea market in Hammenhög of about 900 m2. Here you will find everything from art to trinkets, furniture and gifts. If you are looking for something special, please ask. It may be out in our warehouse. Every week we add new exciting things to our flea market. We are open every Saturday 10-16, with some exceptions. There is also a simple serving in our Retro Café. You are welcome to join us!

4. Tomelilla Konsthall

Tomelilla Konsthall was built in 1965 and is housed in Tomelilla Kulturhus. The art centre consists of a large hall and three smaller exhibition rooms, where exhibitions with a wide variety are shown all year round. The ambition is for visitors to encounter different art forms, styles, techniques and expressions. Both contemporary and traditional art is exhibited. Since 2017, there has also been an artist in residence attached to the art centre.

tomelilla art centre
Hasse & Tage Museum Tomelilla

5. The Hasse & Tage Museum

The Hasse & Tage Museum - a BIG little museum! How much can you fit into 17 square metres? In this particular case, almost 50 years of production from two very productive gentlemen. Thirteen monitors show the immortal films and in cabinets, drawers and glass cases you will find props, scripts and a whole lot of other things that trigger your memories of films, revues, sketches and monologues. If you know your Hasse & Tage, you will have many déjà vu experiences, "new believers" will have many new aha experiences and even the very youngest, who have no idea about the history of the two gentlemen, will come out of the Hasse & Tage Museum with a happy smile on their face.
Opening hours and entrance fees call:
0702-769379 or 010-2022000

6. Österlen chocolate

Welcome to our chocolate café and shop.
Take a seat in our cosy café and choose from our various chocolate drinks. How about a chocolate milkshake with crushed meringue or a hot chocolate made with 100% chocolate from Tanzania?
We also offer our own chocolate tastings for the whole family. Chocolate tastings are limited and may run out at peak times.

Autoseum in Simrishamn on Österlen

7. autoseum

Autoseum - is one of Europe's foremost motor museums with over 200 vehicles.
With solo exhibitions Nils Oscar Palace, Svensk Bilsport, Stefan "Lill-Lövis" Johansson exhibition, Frasses Musikmuseum, Leksaksmuseum, Modellflygmuseum.
All under one roof and one entrance fee to all exhibitions.
Opening hours: April-September every day 10.00-17.00. Closed Midsummer holidays.

8. Monica Persdotter Ceramics & Mould

Briefly about me, Monica Persdotter.
Born in 1965. Lives in Rörum on Österlen where I have my studio, workshop and exhibition.
My interest in ceramics was awakened after some weekend and evening courses and it got me stuck in the world of clay. In 2011 I went part-time as an AD and took an apprenticeship with ceramist Calle Forsberg in Stockholm where I stayed until 2018 when we moved down to Österlen.

9. Svabesholm Royal Estate

In the middle of the fantastic nature of Österlen you will find Svabesholms Kungsgård. Our meeting place offers good food, accommodation, shopping, animals and country life. With us you can enjoy being in one of Sweden's most beautiful places - a piece of magic in Österlen!

10. Olof Viktors

When the rain pours down in Österlen, there are still things to enjoy, and one of them is to visit Olof Viktors. In their shop and café, visitors don't just get coffee, but a genuine taste experience. Whether you choose a perfect mini princess, a fluffy buttery croissant, seven kinds of cakes or one of their magical sandwiches, the quality of the flavours is outstanding. Rumour has it that their carrot cake is "the fluffiest in the country", which may be due to the generous frosting and the best ingredients. For those who want to take some of the goodness home with them, the shop also offers fine artisanal products such as marmalade, juices, crusts and sourdough starters.

11. Gösta Werner Art Museum

An exhibition with the artists Åke E:son Lindman, photography and Peter Hahne, painting.

The title of the exhibition alludes to two artists whose different expressions have coexisted for many years.

What they both have in common is that they are not literary / narrative images but something that looks beyond words and answers.

So it's not about illustrating what we already know, but about evoking something we haven't seen.

Images that express themselves as clearly as the words of Moses from the burning bush:

"I am who I am"

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