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19 of Österlen's farm shops

Discover Österlen's genuine farms and flavourful shops! Here you will find local charm and high quality products directly from the producer. Each shop offers a unique flavour experience.

Support the local producers and enjoy a day filled with scenic experiences and culinary treats in Österlen!


sannas italy

1st Sannas Italy

The olive oil shop IRL is located at Hagestad mossaväg 78, Löderup. There you can find a dozen different olive oils, most of them world-class. There are olives from different parts of Italy, sun-dried tomatoes from sunny Puglia, organic roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, luxury anchovies, books and much more.
Those who wish may try the olive oils.

Opening hours: Fridays and Saturdays 11-16

2. Bertils'son Bästekille

Farm shop with KRAV-approved, seasonal, home-grown products! Discover our range of fresh potatoes, vegetables, eggs and meat, straight from our own farm. Enjoy quality and sustainability while supporting local production.
Explore the flavours with us and let nature's best guide your choices!


3. Österlen spices

In our farm shop you will find everything from our own organic spice blends and other products such as tea, essential oil and vinegar that are refined in our small spice factory.
In the spring, you'll find the plants, inside and outside our greenhouse, that you need to create your very own herb garden. We will be happy to guide you through the green choices of spices and medicinal herbs. In the summer we sell Swedish-grown lavender plants.

Kaptenskans Ice Cream House is open in the summer, offering award-winning ice cream with exciting flavour combinations of the finest local ingredients imaginable.

Angelikas gård

In Angelika's Farm Shop you will find the harvest and plants from the farm's own cultivations, so the range is entirely based on what is ready to harvest!

You can also find our organically tanned sheepskin skins, seedlings, eggs, meat, charcuterie and must, honey and cheese from local producers!

St Peter's farm

Petersborg Farm is located in Österlen. Here we grow and produce a genuine Scanian mustard.

We sell our mustard in the Farm Shop, where we also have a large range of other locally produced goods
Farm shop open Friday 11-16 Saturday 10-15

Gunnarshög farm

In our farm shop you will find our entire range. Here, of course, you will find our gently cold-pressed rapeseed oil in various sizes and packages. We also have a range of flavoured rapeseed oils, spiced and flavoured with only natural flavours. Along with our own cold-pressed linseed oil, linseed oil, marmalade, muesli and vinegar, we also have mustard, spices, honey, eggs and many other goodies. If it has to do with food and quality, it is certainly available in our farm shop.

Gunnarshög - Österlen

The green shop at Orelund

In the Green Shop you will find our own and local products. Explore our selection of tomato varieties such as Aranca, Flavance and more. We also offer fresh bread from Kiviks bageri, cheeses from Möllans ost or Vilhelmsdals Gårsmejeri. Discover products from Tockafarmen, Bondens Skafferi and Peppinge Frukt & Grönt. In season there are strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plums, apples and pears. Visit our garden café for pastries from Olofs Viktors or homemade. Try our own apple must or apple cider.


In the farm shop we hope there will be something for all tastes. During the season you can buy freshly picked berries from our own farms. The berry season extends from May to October. Our berries are also available in the form of marmalade and juice.

Our range also includes delicious cheeses, charcuterie products and locally produced food crafts. There are also interior design items to brighten up your home, such as Gynning design, Plåtdjur, Ib Larsen and Shepherd. Children have their own corner with books, games and toys.

Kivik muster

Welcome to our shop!
Browse our range of musts, ciders and other beverages direct from our musthouse.

Get inspired, taste and buy a taste of Österlen to take home with you.

Ingelsta turkey

In the centre of Österlen is our farm shop and restaurant where you are welcome. Here you are met by warmth and care.

Here you'll find a wide range of both fresh produce and wonderful delicacies to enjoy with ease.

A warm welcome to you!


We also have a farm shop on the coastal road between Kåseberga and Löderups Strandbad, which is for small customers, visitors and vegetable lovers in general.

East Coast Road 937-0
271 78 Löderup

The Kåseberga farm

Discover our KRAV-certified organic farm with fresh vegetables, root vegetables and berries.

Visit our own shop to buy directly from the farm and enjoy the taste of real local produce!

Welcome to the programme!

The valley meadows

Welcome to our organic farm shop and café in Österlen!

Enjoy our selection of fika and unsprayed apple juice, as well as lamb meat and organic lamb skins from our farm. Explore the flavours with us and experience the best of nature in every bite and sip!

PA Frukt in Kivik

We run a farm shop, fruit growing and a mustard factory in Skogsdala, Kivik.

The shop sells both our own processed products, such as marmalades and apple juice, and products from other local producers.

During the autumn we have a farm sale where you can browse through the fruit, taste and pick your own favourites.

karl fredrik - Österlen

Charles Frederick

A warm welcome to our world of flowers, plants, decor, colour, shape and things with soul and heart!

Eklaholm is our farm where we both live and work, located along the coast here in beautiful Österlen. Here land and sea meet, here the summer is longer than anywhere else in Sweden, Sweden's Provence simply!

Hemdala farm shop

Discover our farm shop on Österlen near Hammenhög towards Simrishamn/Gunnarshögs Gård. We offer locally produced and locally grown products of the highest quality.

Welcome to explore our range and enjoy the best of Österlen!

Crane's eye grove

In our meat cellar we sell meat cuts and mince. Fresh farm eggs are available for purchase.
Grilled or everyday food, it doesn't matter. Meat from the Limousin breed will make you happy. Everything is hang-buttered, vacuum-packed, labelled and ready to cook or freeze.

Welcome to the programme!

Olof Viktors

Olof Viktor's shop in Österlen offers a wide range of delicacies and artisanal products.

Here you'll find bombastic breads, dense cakes, crispy crispbreads and adorable pastries, all baked with care and the best ingredients. For those who want to take something extra home, there are jams, juices, crusts and sourdough starters. Visitors can also find books by Jan Hedh.

Olof Viktor's shop is a nice stop for those who appreciate quality products and genuine craftsmanship.

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