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6 locations for ice cream in Österlen in 2024

Discover the ice cream experiences of Österlen!

At Olaol's Gelato Österlen you can enjoy handmade Italian gelato made from organic and locally produced ingredients such as cream, berries and chocolate from Malmö Chokladfabrik. Frusen Glädje at Örum 119 serves freshly made ice cream every day, made with milk from local farms and chocolate from Österlenchoklad. Kaptenskans Glasshus offers award-winning ice cream flavoured with the farm's own spices and local ingredients, served in homemade tubs or in unique ways. Kåseberga Café & Bistro makes authentic gelato daily with both dairy and vegan varieties, perfect for all tastes. Olof Viktors offers genuine cream ice cream and other delicacies in its shop and café. Hamnens Glassbar in Simrishamn is a paradise for ice-cream lovers, with a wide range of ice-cream and lots of toppings.

Enjoy ice cream by the truckload in Österlen!

Selected image is from Frozen Joy at Örum 119


Olaols Gelato Österlen

1. Olaols Gelato Österlen

Olaols Gelato Österlen makes handmade Italian gelato with ingredients from Österlen. We collect the milk from our neighbour and pasteurise it ourselves. Organic and locally produced ingredients such as cream, aronia, apples, berries, rhubarb, saffron, algae, herbs from our own herb garden, walnuts from our own trees, locally produced honey, chocolate from Malmö Chokladfabrik but also some fine ingredients from Italy.

2. Frozen Joy at Örum 119

The basis of our ice cream is the milk we get from our friends Anna and Mikael in Smedstorp, 15 minutes away. We like to get the chocolate from Österlenchoklad.

What makes the best ice cream? After a few years, and a lot of experimenting with different recipes and ingredients, we have realised that the biggest difference is whether the ice cream is freshly made or whether the ice cream has been in the freezer at minus 23 degrees. Throughout the summer, we therefore serve freshly made ice cream in the Ice Cream Parlour.

Frozen joy

3. Kaptenskans Glasshus - Österlenkryddor

Kaptenskan is married to Kapten Persåkre, together we have competed and created our own restaurant with the ambition to be unique. Kaptenskans Glasshus is open during the summer, here you will find our multiple award-winning ice cream based on the farm's own spices and the finest ingredients we can think of. Our service is unique, the ice cream is served in home-made moulds, on porcelain or glass planks. We have won one Swedish championship gold and three bronze medals for our flavours. The milk comes from farmers J&J in Bussjö. The eggs come from Grandma's Happiness. We pasteurise the raw materials and flavour them with spices and local berries. We cook the ice cream according to our own well-balanced recipes.

4. Kåseberga Café & Bistro

Since 2019, Kåseberga ice cream factory has been making delicious gelato ice cream every day. With great love and passion where only the best is good enough! From milk, cream, fruit, berries and chocolate, we create a symphony for both palate and soul.
Choose from our 24 different flavours. Guaranteed something good for everyone! For example, we have 8 vegan flavours including vegan chocolate in addition to our fantastic milk flavours.

5. Olof Viktors

Olof Viktors in Österlen is a popular stop for ice cream lovers who appreciate authentic flavours. They pride themselves on their cream ice cream made from natural ingredients, which is different from gelato. In addition to ice cream, they also offer other delicacies in their shop and café, such as perfect mini princesses and carrot cake with generous frosting. Visitors can also buy artisanal products to take home.

6. The harbour ice cream parlour

In Simrishamn harbour, at the harbour pier, you will find an ice cream bar that is like a paradise for all ice cream enthusiasts. Here you can choose from a wide range of ice cream, from scoops to soft ice cream and classics like banana split. You can also spice up your ice cream with various toppings, such as fresh sauces, jams, crunchy meringues, fluffy marshmallows and colourful sprinkles.

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