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Discover the unique Scanian Slottsrundan

There's always something exciting, unexpected and educational happening at Slottsrundan.

Slottsrundan in south-eastern Skåne offers events, exhibitions, dining experiences, cafés, shops and hotels with a genuine castle feel in magical, historic settings that reflect 750 years of Danish-Swedish history.

We invite the children to the adventure Treasure Hunt with Count Korre. Seven locations with seven tricky questions and the chance to become a Knight of the Order of Count Korre.

Slottsrundan welcomes you on a journey on beautiful roads in southern Skåne to five castles, a castle and a monastery. From the monastery in Ystad via Svaneholm Castle to Övedskloster, Bjärsjölagård, Christinehof, Kronovall and on to Glimmingehus.

Discover the Castle Trail and join us on a journey to five castles, a fortress and a monastery reached in just 18 miles in the pleasant, rolling countryside.

Slottsrundan is on Facebook and Instagram. On the Slottsrundan website you can see films about each location.


Bjärsjölagårds Castle

Bjärsjölagårds Castle has a long and exciting history. An early lord was the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag who conquered Skåne in 1360. The castle of Beritzholm was stormed in the 16th century by disgruntled peasants and part of the stone was used to build today's rococo-style castle building, which was completed in 1766.

Bjärsjölagård developed into a successful estate with agriculture and the extraction of lime. Even today, you can visit the two lime kilns Adam and Eva, which are within walking distance of the castle. The limestone quarry, which is now filled with water, is in a scenic location and is also worth a visit.

Christinehof Castle

Castles and stately homes, as the saying goes. But Christinehof is a real lady's residence! The golden baroque castle was built in 1741 by Christina Piper, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of her time. In the vicinity of the castle is the Alum Works, which made Christina Piper one of Sweden's richest women.

Christinehof is now a cultural palace run by the Christina's Friends cultural association. A wide range of guided tours, exhibitions and lectures emphasise the castle's builder and her exciting time, the ever-popular 18th century. In the entrance to the castle is the charming café, decorated in neo-Gustavian style. Christinehof Castle is located in an eco-park with both short and long hiking trails.

Culture in Österlen - Experience Christinehof and the 18th century - narrative walk with Christina's Friends in and around the castle that Christina Piper built. Christinehof Castle - Österlen
Glimmingehus - Österlen


Glimmingehus is the best preserved medieval castle in the Nordic region. The construction of the castle began in 1499, while Skåne belonged to Denmark. At Glimmingehus you can experience the living Middle Ages, meet guides in period clothing, and join tours of the castle! The exciting exhibition Borgfolk tells the story of the people who once lived at Glimmingehus.

Programme activities include medieval days, ghost walks and jousting. Glimmingehus has guided tours in English daily during the summer and in German on weekends in August. There is a well-stocked museum shop and Café Borggården. Glimmingehus is open from April to October.

The monastery in Ystad

Surrounded by lush gardens of herbs and roses, the monastery is a tranquil oasis in the centre of Ystad. But the monastery's more than 750-year history is full of drama. The pious Grey Friars who founded the monastery in the mid-13th century were violently driven out by the Reformation.

The monastery in Ystad was preserved and is today one of Sweden's best-preserved medieval monastic complexes. Behind the thick red brick walls built in Baltic Gothic style, the Ystad City History Museum is housed today. The museum's cultural history exhibitions tell the story of our past - often with a focus on Ystad and Österlen and from a contemporary perspective.

Kronovalls Wine Castle - Ö

Kronovall Castle

Kronovall is the wine castle in south-eastern Skåne that offers a total experience of food, drink and beautiful surroundings. The castle, which is built in the French Baroque style, is located on an islet surrounded by moats. The unique baroque garden is adorned with clipped yews and boxwood hedges.

At Kronovall you will find beauty both inside and out, the castle's interior still looks today as it did in the late 1800s and is the perfect setting for a castle experience beyond the ordinary - perhaps those who stay overnight will also meet the castle ghost, the unfortunate noblewoman who drowned in the moat when she secretly went to meet the forester's son.

Svaneholm Castle

Welcome to an oasis in southern Skåne. A castle where history is present in every step you take in the courtyard, in the salons and chambers, in the garden and on the beautiful walking path around Svansjön, which also gave the castle its name. Svaneholm Castle is a unique destination, combining history, culture, nature and culinary experiences. The castle was built on an islet next to Svansjön in 1530 by the Danish builder Mourids Jeppsen Sparre, but despite the change in ownership, the construction continued until 1705.

Even today, large parts of the castle are preserved, several of the rooms have been untouched for several hundred years and you can feel the wings of history during the walk inside the castle. Take the opportunity to visit our castle restaurant and enjoy both the food and the fantastic surroundings that Svaneholm Castle offers.


Övedskloster is beautifully situated in the rolling landscape by Lake Vombsjön. Hans Ramel, known as Bygge-Hans, had the castle built in 1776. Together with the courtyards, wings, avenues and park, the castle is today regarded as one of the finest rococo buildings in Sweden; most of it looks the same today as it did in Bygge-Hans' time!

The castle park is open to visitors every day. There are beautiful old trees, including several rare ones, an 18th century orangery and several fountains. The castle and the courtyard are shown on request. In summer, the castle café and farm shop are open. And don't miss the unique nature around Övedskloster, which can be experienced from a network of hiking trails.

Treasure hunt

Hi there! My name is Greve Korre.
Join me on an adventure in south-eastern Skåne! I have a lot of exciting things to show you on the Treasure Hunt. And so much to discover!

You will need your mobile phone. At each location there is a sign with a QR code. It will open a tricky question for you to answer. Then enter the answer in the form and feel free to send a selfie with your friends or family in front of one of the castles, fortresses or monasteries.

If you answer the question correctly, your photo will be published on our website and Facebook. If you have answered all seven questions correctly, you will be invited to Svaneholm Castle to be knighted by Count Korres Skattletarorden. You will also receive a nice diploma and a knight's cloak. And you'll get to see all the beautiful things in the big castle.

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