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7 must-try pizzerias in Österlen

Enjoying a pizza in Österlen is not just a meal, it's an experience. With its charming rural atmosphere, it becomes a combination of flavour, relaxation and appreciation for the region's unique culture. So if you find yourself in Österlen, make sure to discover the local pizzerias and try their special variations of this beloved dish.


1. Friden Gårdskrog

An old apple farm at the end of the road. In the middle of Österlen. Here you can eat marvellous pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. With the best ingredients, organic and locally produced as much as possible, of course. Here we have been making pizza for real for almost fifteen years. Long before there was a wood-fired oven in every corner.

2. The farm's wood-burning stove

Gårdens is located in the centre of Simrishamn, a small pine cone's throw from the warm waves of the Baltic Sea. Here in our Mediterranean oasis, you can enjoy wood-fired pizza and smell the scent of sunny lavender and Greek Madonna lilies, lazing in the shade under the wisteria pergola.

Gårdens vedugn

3. Kåseberga Café & Bistro

Welcome to Kåseberga harbour for a taste experience in a strikingly beautiful setting by the sea! In true Kåseberga spirit, we serve fish and seafood according to old traditions, but we also have several innovative dishes on the menu. Our Scanian stone oven-baked pizzas are hard to beat with their crispy base and exciting flavours, if you haven't tried them yet, now is the time!

4. ROOM 119

A simple philosophy that has been our guiding principle since the first pizza was baked in the wood-fired oven at Örum. We hardly dare repeat what is now beginning to feel like a tired sentence, but here it really is all about ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. There aren't many other ways to go if you want to bake a good pizza.

Örum 119

5. oil & crackers

In the middle of swaying cornfields, colourful cut flowers and a magnificent kitchen garden lies our barn. There we serve large and small dishes for all tastes, with a focus on our crispy pizzas. We have expanded our range of drinks, which means that we also have stronger drinks but still an exclusive selection of exciting folk beers from craft breweries in Skåne. You can always find non-alcoholic drinks of various kinds with us!

6. Gustafs in Österlen

Gustafs in Österlen is a popular hipster hangout serving gourmet Neapolitan pizza that also serves good wines and cocktails.

7. 1303 Tryde

Thin crust, tasty tomato sauce, mozzarella and local toppings baked in our little pizza oven in the garden.
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