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5 hiking trails in Österlen

Discover Österlen - a fantastic walking destination along the beautiful coastline and rolling cultural landscape of Österlen. The walk takes you through lush beech forests, rippling streams and past picturesque fishing villages. Enjoy miles of white beaches and bathing spots along the way, and discover sights such as Ålabodar, Stenshuvud National Park and jewellery studios. Österlen is an ideal destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable hiking experience in Sweden. Visit Österlen and discover the beautiful Swedish nature and culture.


1. backaleden

19 km. Hike along the yellow-marked Backaleden, which is a "sister trail" to Skåneleden. They meander parallel to each other along the Verkeån, Skåneleden to the north and Backaleden to the south, all the way from Alunbruket in Andrarum via Brösarp to Skepparpsgården at Haväng on the coast. The Backaleden trail passes Hallamölla, Skåne's highest continuous waterfall, and is also linked to the Vantalängan overnight cottage.

On its way to Brösarp, the trail runs along Brunnsviksbäcken and in the middle of the long uphill, it passes Tockabjär's spring, a cold spring for those who want to quench their thirst with the village's bubbling spring water. The back trail continues through Brösarp village and then on over the pastures in Brösarp's southern slopes where the view is magnificent.

The last stretch towards Haväng is on a gravel road through orchards and rolling pastures. Just before it reaches Skepparpsgården is Lindgrens länga, an outdoor museum with an exciting exhibition about the nature, culture and history of the Haväng area.

2. The Blue Wing Trail

9 km. Blåvingeleden is a hiking trail that runs through the rolling sandy landscape of the Drakamöllan, Kumlan and Maglehem nature reserves. The trail was inaugurated in May 2018.
The area consists mainly of a very hilly pasture and moorland landscape. The Julebodaån river flows through the north-eastern part of the area and in the eastern parts beech forest grows on the heights and moist deciduous forest in the depressions. The vegetation throughout the reserve is strongly characterised by grazing, apart from some areas of moist deciduous forest. The heath, with height differences of up to 50 metres, is dominated by heather moorland, but there is also brushwood moorland and a small area of tufted heath.

3. Gårdlösaleden

12 kilometres. Along the trail there are ancient remains, slate and limestone quarries, a lime kiln, "brydestua" and interesting biotopes with, among other things, unique painted mussels and the rare onion frog. The 12-kilometre trail connects to existing trails in two nature reserves. Below is a map showing the route of the trail and the location of the information boards.

4. Ystad-Kåseberga

18 kilometres. A walk close to the beach.
through a beautiful and varied landscape, with stunning views of the Baltic Sea and many historical sites to discover. On Kåsebergaåsen there is much to see, including unusual sandy steppe, fragrant herbs and many butterflies. It is also a great place to observe waterfowl during spring. A highlight of the walk is Sweden's largest rock formation, Ales stenar, which consists of 59 stones of different rock types and patterns.

5. Kivik-Simrishamn

21 km. A diverse stage through sandy beaches, boulder-strewn meadows and forested precipices includes eel sheds, rock formations and Stenshuvud National Park. Experience apple orchards and arts and crafts along the way, while passing through the picturesque fishing villages of Baskemölla and Vik.

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