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10 free experiences in Österlen

Österlen is a destination where you can have a rich and memorable experience without having to spend a lot of money. By enjoying the natural beauty, discovering cultural sights and attending events and markets, you can explore and experience all the best that Österlen has to offer without affecting your wallet.


1. Simrishamn 900 years

The exhibition reflects its 900-year history from many different perspectives - as a herring town, merchant town and tourist town. In the exhibition room on the second floor, the town is spread out between the countryside to the west and the sea to the east. Here you can meet the town's inhabitants and learn more about events and development through objects, texts and films. The themes depicted are Fishing and Shipping, Church and Power, War and Disasters, Trade and Merchants, Children and Young People, Crafts and Industry, Entertainment and Tourism. The time perspective is the 1100s to the 1900s. Free admission.

2. Flea market on the Suckers' Walk

During the summer months, the attractive quality flea market takes place in Suckarnas gång in Simrishamn. Saturdays and five Sundays during the high season. Everything practical about the flea market is organised by the IFK Simrishamn association on behalf of Simrishamn municipality. On site in Suckarnas gång you will meet the association's youth team who will be happy to sell you a grilled sausage. Welcome to Suckarnas gång!


3. Hiking in Österlen

Österlen - a fantastic walking destination along the beautiful coastline and rolling cultural landscape of Österlen. The walk takes you through lush beech forests, rippling streams and past picturesque fishing villages. Enjoy miles of white beaches and bathing spots along the way, and discover sights such as Ålabodar, Stenshuvud National Park and jewellery studios. Österlen is an ideal destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable hiking experience in Sweden. Visit Österlen and discover the beautiful Swedish nature and culture.

4. Stonehead National Park

Stenshuvud National Park boasts a lush hornbeam forest, magical alpine swamp forest, dry heaths, rich meadows, a sandy beach and views of Hanö Bay.

Kivik-Simrishamn Stenshuvud view from the southern head

5. Swim in Lake Gyllebo

Lake Gyllebosjön is one of the few lakes in Österlen. It is beautifully situated in the hilly forest landscape of south-eastern Skåne, surrounded by old broadleaf forests and natural pastures. Lake Gyllebo is part of a Natura 2000 area and in 2009 Gyllebo Nature Reserve was established, covering the lake and the immediate surroundings.

6. The beaches

All our wonderful beaches with different character. Here we have chosen Sandhammaren sea baths. But there are so many places.

Here is a quote from a guest (Ann-sofie) at Sandhammaren. "The most beautiful place I have been to. For us who live in the hinterland, this is like coming abroad. I could live here. So peaceful. There's a kiosk, lots of cool bathing huts and a wonderful white sandy beach with small shells. Walk a little bit along the beach and it is calm and nice. Clean and nice. No rubbish."

7. Work out at the outdoor gym

The outdoor gym in Österlen is a great opportunity for both locals and tourists to exercise and enjoy the beautiful nature at the same time. There are instructional posters to help with the workout and ensure proper technique. Whether you want to challenge yourself, improve your fitness or just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, the outdoor gym in Österlen is a perfect destination for exercise and well-being. Go for it!

8. Visit a castle

Feel the wings of history and stroll through magnificent buildings and beautiful parks. Most with free entrance to the park. We can recommend the castle tour where a couple of castles are located on Österlen and in its vicinity.

Kronovalls Wine Castle - Ö

9. Cycling in Österlen

Cycling in Österlen offers a wonderful experience of discovering charming villages, rural farms, farmland fields and beautiful sandy beaches. You can enjoy the fresh air and leisurely pace while taking in the beautiful views around you. Österlen on two wheels is something out of the ordinary.

10. Sunrise

The sun rises at about 04.25 during the summer months. Switching on for a few minutes here and there. Pack a picnic. Sit down at 04.00 and enjoy the dawn. After a while, it comes over the edge so nicely. The sun. It's about 4.6 billion years old and is expected to keep shining for at least as many more years.

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