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1. Allé on Österlen - Matrundan 2024

Allé på Österlen Svinaberga Ingvarsdal, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 12.00 -15.30 Asparagus buffet 14.00 Welcome to talk asparagus and make a hollandaise with one of our chefs 18.00 -23.00 4 course asparagus menu Friday 10 May 12.00 -15.30 [...]

2. Appeltorps Lamm & Vilt - Matrundan 2024

Appeltorp Lamb & Venison Appeltorp 5:19, Tomelilla

Thursday 9 May 11-18 Tasting of farm shop delicacies Friday 10 May 11-18 Tasting of farm shop delicacies Saturday 11 May 11-18 Tasting of farm shop delicacies Sunday 12 May 11-18 Tasting of [...]

3. Bondens Skafferi Svabesholm - Matrundan 2024

Bondens Skafferi Svabesholm Svabesholms Kungsgård, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-17 We welcome you to our shop at Svabesholms Kungsgård. The dairy Vita Geten is on site with us and offers samples of their wonderful cheeses. Friday [...]

4. Brick Österlen - Matrundan 2024

Brick Österlen Stjärnevägen 18, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 11-17 Burgers and Bubbles is the theme for this weekend! In addition to the regular menu, we are launching a brand new burger with Granny Smith apple flavour and Lotus Boscoff. [...]

5. Buhres at Kivik - Matrundan 2024

Buhres på Kivik Brogatan 7, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Luckan or 11-17 Bistron Lunch in Bistron or on our outdoor terrace right by the water. Try our classic, fried herring with mash! 17-22 A la carte menu, [...]

6. Bökåkra Gårdsbutik - Matrundan 2024

Bökåkra Farm Shop Bökåkra 14, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-18 Go for a walk and see all the farm animals, calves, lambs, pigs, horses and maybe pet Doris, Finborg or little Pedro with friends. Uno & Gun Kristiansson [...]

7. Drakamöllan Gårdshotell - Matrundan 2024

Drakamöllan Drakamöllans väg 108, Degeberga

Thursday 9 May 12.00 - 13.30 Round Table Buffet with all the spring prizes. Welcome to our sumptuous table with flavours of the Nordic food manifesto. Limited number of seats so pre-booking is required. 13.30 - [...]

8. Ekenäs Farm - Food Tour 2024

Ekenäs Farm Stenshuvudsvägen 7, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Frangipane and coffee bar in a beautiful courtyard setting with garden service. 11-16 Season opening for the lodge with art exhibition by illustrator Therese Hansson. 11-16 Tip walk in Ekenäs natural forest. Friday 10 May [...]

9. Grandma's Happiness - Food Tour 2024

Farmors Lycka Ravlunda Farm, Kivik

Thursday 9 May Open in the farm shop with self-service all day. Friday 10 May 8-10 Breakfast buffet Open in the farm shop with self-service all day. 18- Dinner, table booked in advance Saturday 11 May [...]

11. The Pig & the Dragon - Food Tour 2024

Pigs & Dragons Smedjevägen 12, Brösarp

Thursday 9 May 11-21:30 Try our burger in Slider format (mini burger) for only 49:- 12-21.30 In collaboration with Österlenbryggarna, taste trays with 4 different samples of their beer will be offered for [...]

12. The green shop at Orelund - Matrundan 2024

The Green Shop at Orelund Orelund 1, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 10-17 The shop is filled with farm products and other delicacies. We load up with tastings and good deals. 11am and 2pm Take a guided tour of the farm [...]

13. Gunnarshögs Gård - Matrundan 2024

Gunnarshögs Gård Gunnarshögs Gård, Hammenhög

Thursday 9 May 10-16 The café and shop 11- Family tour of the production. Press your own rapeseed oil in our mini press - after the tour. 11-14 Tasting of our products. Other activities during [...]

14. Hotel Svea - Food Tour 2024

Hotel Svea Strandvägen 3, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 10-11am Start the day with our hotel breakfast 175 SEK 18-21pm Food round special: Our classic plaice gratin with asparagus and chervil 195 SEK Friday 10 May 10-11am Start the day with our [...]

15. Hovmöller Apiaries - Food Tour 2024

Hovmöller apiaries Prästavägen 55, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Farm sale of our organic honey. Taste our different honey varieties. We are more than happy to tell you about our bees. Friday 10 May 11-16 Farm sale of our organic [...]

16. Ingelsta turkey - Matrundan 2024

Ingelsta Kalkon Brukstorp, Smedstorp

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Farm shop & restaurant with Swedish turkey in focus. In the farm shop you can taste our delicious turkey delicacies. The restaurant serves the week's lunch and à la carte with [...]

17. Kiviks Café & Bakery - Matrundan 2024

Kivik Café & Bakery Killebacken 3, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 8-16 Pinchos with a Scanian touch. Eat a Scanian old-fashioned dessert: Spidekaga with ice cream, cream and fresh berries Friday 10 May 7.30-16.30 Pinchos with a Scanian touch. Eat a [...]

18. Kiviks Hotel, Conference and Spa - Matrundan 2024

Kiviks Hotel Conference and Spa Moriabacken, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 8-10 Hotel breakfast 12-14 Extra. Lunch in Pirate flavours, sandwich, veal steak and apple dessert. 14-18 Lounge menu in our beautiful glass lounge Can be combined with Spa. The view is included! 18 - [...]

19. Kivik muster - Matrundan 2024

Kiviks Musteri Karakåsvägen 45, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 10-17 Try several of our ciders, both with and without alcohol, in our restaurant. We serve small and large dishes, both savoury and sweet. Seating [...]

20. Kivikås Must and Fruit - Matrundan 2024

Kivikås Must and Fruit Esperödsallén 10, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Must tasting of our pure musts in the shop. Friday 10 May 11-16 Tasting of our pure musts in the shop. Saturday 11 May 11-16 Must tasting of our pure musts [...]

22. Köpingsberg Vineyard - Matrundan 2024

Köpingsberg Winery Köpingsbergsvägen 183, Köpingebro

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Springtime in the vineyard. Open winery, visit the vineyard and taste our wines in the Champagne bar. Picnic in the vineyard, bring your own picnic basket and enjoy the view. Friday 10 [...]

23. Linas and Binas - Matrundan 2024

Linas and Binas Nickebo Sillaröd, Brösarp

Thursday 9 May 9-17 Self-serve knowledge in a beautiful and relaxing environment With us you will learn about bees, honey, environment and biodiversity. Take our knowledge walk, watch a film [...]

24. Olaol's Gelato - Food Tour 2024

Olaols Gelato Baskevägen 30, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 11-17 Daily fresh artisan gelato on the neighbour's milk. Flavours from Österlen such as aronia, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, apple and blueberry. Premiere of our Taste Tray with several flavours. Moderate waffles with [...]

25. Petersborgs Gård - Matrundan 2024

Petersborg Farm Shop Petersborg farm, Smedstorp

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Visit our mustard knowledge room. Taste our different mustard varieties. Make your own mustard, cost 50 SEK. Hungry? We grill sausages! New, pickled mustard seeds. Friday 10 [...]

26. Ravlunda Bränneri - Matrundan 2024

Ravlunda Distillery Vitabyvägen 25, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-14 Enjoy rimmed salmon with the distillery's stewed potatoes in the spring sun on our patio 14-16 Unwind with Afternoon Tea, in collaboration with Lady Morris in Brösarp [...]]

27. Reuterdahls in Österlen - Matrundan 2024

Reuterdahls in Österlen Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Premiere season for us. Tour of the muster and farm sale 11-16 we are also visited by Marie's Beekeeping, our own beekeeper. Tasting and sale of her honey from Skåne [...]

28. Rörums Gårdshotell - Matrundan 2024

Rörums Gårdshotell Fridhemsvägen 4, Rörum

Thursday 9 May 8-10 Breakfast in the sign of spring, a generous and delicious buffet for all tastes 165 SEK 17-21 Pizza with a sweet ending 245 SEK Don't forget to pre-book Friday [...].

29th Rörumsro Musteri - Matrundan 2024

Rörumsro Musteri Rörums byaväg 62, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 11-17 The farm shop with award-winning artisanal musts with unique terroir. 13 Must tasting - a sensory journey with local must from several different musteries Friday 10 May 11-17 The farm shop with [...]

30. Sanna's Italy - Food Tour 2024

Sanna's Italy Hagestad Mossaväg 78, Löderup

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Tasting of exclusive olive oils and balsamic vinegars Friday 10 May 11-16 Tasting of exclusive olive oils and balsamic vinegars Saturday 11 May 11-16 Tasting of exclusive olive oils and balsamic vinegars [...].

31. Skepparps Vingård - Matrundan 2024

Skepparps Vingård Verkaåvägen 56, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-16 The wine bar is open. Here you can do a wine tasting with 4 wines from the vineyard or just have a glass and enjoy the view over the fields! We [...]

32. Skillinge Theatre Café & Restaurant - Matrundan 2024

Skillinge Teater Möllevångsgatan 9, Skillinge

Thursday 9 May Friday 10 May 14-19 Our popular Gin Bar opens for the season with a new wonderful drink menu.Balanced and well-made gin drinks made in close collaboration with Österlen's renowned gin distillery [...].

33. Svabesholm's Kungsgård - Matrundan 2024

Svabesholms Kungsgård Svabeholm, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 11-17 Café & Lantkök. Hot lunches, tasty sandwiches and homemade coffee. Friday 10 May 11-16 Café & Lantkök. Hot lunches, savoury sandwiches and homemade coffee. Saturday 11 [...]

34. Tastecelebration Residence - Matrundan 2024

Taste celebration Jägmästarbostaden 101, Brösarp

Thursday 9 May 11-17 Stop by our Taste Shop and get hungry; spices, teas, aged soy sauces, fruity olive oils, Italian marmalades, Middle Eastern pickles, Dutch peanut butter and much more. See also [...]

35. Tosterup - Matrundan 2024

Tosterup Tosterup, Tomelilla

Thursday 9 May 9-18 Farm shop 11-15 Catherine and Jan Ehrensvärd will host a must & cider tasting of Tosterup's award-winning apple drinks. Take the opportunity to soak up the unique environment around the castle, [...]

36. Tryde 1303 B&B Café Galleri - Matrundan 2024

Tryde 1303 B&B Café Gallery Tryde 1303, Tomelilla

Thursday 9 May 8-10 Breakfast buffet with local ingredients and products 11-21 The restaurant is open. Here you can try our "Österlentapas" - small dishes from Matrundan's food and drink producers. Try our [...]

37. The truffle pig at Kivik - Matrundan 2024

Tryffelsvinet på Kivik The square, Kivik

Thursday 9 May 12-16 We offer a delicious ramson risotto that tastes of Österlen. 12-23 You will find us in the restaurant in the centre of Kiviks torg. We are inspired by the Italian cuisine. Friday 10 May [...]

38. Åsgård - Holkestorp - Matrundan 2024

Åsgårds Gårds shop ÅSGÅRD, Tomelilla

Thursday 9 May 11-22 Taste our products, In the Farm Shop there is fresh lamb meat and freshly ground dinkel. Åsgårds new Gårdsgrill serves lamb kebabs, grilled sourdough sandwiches, lamb sausages with bread and several other options. The farm's [...]

40. Beer & Crisps - Food Tour 2024

Öl & Knäcke Gladsax 2323, Simrishamn

Thursday 9 May 12-16 (drop-in) In our restaurant we serve our regular menu as well as a "Matrundan special" - Asparagus pizza in two different varieties that can be enjoyed with a good bubbly [...].

41. Östangård - Food tour 2024

Östangård B&B Östangårdsvägen 3, Borrby

Thursday 9 May 11-16 Lunch, café and vintage shop 17-18 Wine tasting. Here you will learn more about wine and from the starting process until it ends up in your glass. You will [...]

42. Österlen Kokkonst - Food tour 2024

Österlen Cookery Tågarp 624, Tommarp

Thursday 9 May 11-16 In our cosy farm shop you can taste and buy artisan cheeses from Swedish farm dairies. We sell house cranberry crisp, home-made jams and other delicacies. Botanise in our small [...]

43. Österlen Asparagus - Matrundan 2024

Österlen asparagus Hobyvägen 93, Borrby

Thursday 9 May 10 - 20 We sell fresh green and white asparagus from our own cultivation around Skillinge. To grow asparagus yourself we offer different varieties of asparagus plants. 12 [...]

44. Österlenbryggarna - Matrundan 2024

The Österlen piers Simrishamnsvägen 44, Tomelilla

Thursday 9 May 11-16 We are open in our tap room where you are right in the heart of the brewery. Beer by the glass or tasting tray with 4 different beers and food, in [...]

45. Österlenchoklad - Food tour 2024

Österlenchoklad Tranesvägen 37, Skåne Tranås

Thursday 9 May 11-17 Drop in for your own chocolate tasting. Chocolate coffee and chocolate shopping in the shop. Friday 10 May 11-17 Drop in for your own chocolate tasting. Chocolate coffee and chocolate shopping in the shop. Saturday 11 May [...]

46. Österlen spices - Matrundan 2024

Österlenkryddor Karlfältsvägen 363, Köpingebro

Thursday 9 May Opening hours 10-18 11-17 in the greenhouse we serve Moose and game tacos in the company of vegan tacos. We offer a taste of this year's new spice dip. Offer [...]

47. Österlens Kött & Vilt - Matrundan 2024

Österlens Kött & Vilt Albovägen 23, Brösarp

Thursday 9 May 11-16. Tasting of our products from the counter. In case of weather, the grills are lit outside for sausage grilling. Friday 10 May 11-18 Tasting of our products from the counter. By [...]

History bus: In the footsteps of the Bronze Age

The main square Stortorget, Simrishamn

Travel back to the Bronze Age when metal was new. The landscape of eastern Slovenia is rich in artefacts and remains from all ancient times. We visit some of the important Bronze Age sites, rock carvings and mounds. [...]

350 SEK
Featured Featured

Rapeseed fever at Gunnarshögs Gård

Gunnarshögs Gård Gunnarshögs Gård, Hammenhög

On 9-11 May, it's time for the highlight of the year at the farm, Rapsfrossan, where we celebrate our beloved crop, rapeseed. We are open in both the farm café and the farm shop from 10-16 (note! [...]


Flying weekend at Glimmingehus

Glimmingehus Glimmingehus, Glimminge 1, Hammenhög

During the Christian Aviator Weekend, we are celebrating the phenomenon of flying! Inspired by both history and nature, we will make beautiful and colourful pennants, paper birds and wind socks. In the castle you can also go on [...]


The Miniature Museum now with free entrance!

Art Vartdam Hedeberga 1208, Tomelilla

Artist Anders Vardam opens up his Miniature Museum and art exhibition during the food tour 9-12 May. In the Miniature Museum you will see about 150 viewing cabinets / dioramas that all have a story and [...]

Sample Viking Sweets sweets

Trendy good Simrishamnsvägen 10, Hammenhög

TASTE VIKING SWEETS SWEETS Thursday 9 May at 12-14 Danne from Viking Sweets will come to Trendigt Gott in Hammenhög. Then everyone who visits us will have the opportunity to taste their wonderful [...]

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